Non destructive system tests for Toolbox

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Non destructive system tests for Toolbox

Toolbox system tests were developed for using them in the Tooolbox CI. Because of that, that tests were not designed with local execution in mind. I've spent some time working on this tests to make them executable locally.

The system tests basicly use podman and skopeo to execute the setup and test tasks. They are run with the bats test suite, and they do a heavy handling of images and containers to run the different tests needed for Toolbox.

Until now, the tests cleared completely the podman environment for the user running them. This is: resetting completely the running containers and complete removal of any images.

So last week I've been modifying the code to make podman run in a different environment by modifying the rootless podman storage configuration.

For that, I just make use of CONTAINERS_STORAGE_CONF environment variable, that can specify an alternate configuration file to read the storage configuration for podman, and then inside that alternate file I change the storage path for rootless podman by setting up the rootless_storage_path directive

The pull request for non destructive tests is currently in review process.