Fixing toolbox due to glibc 2.34 changes

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Fixing toolbox due to glibc 2.34 changes

glibc 2.34 has moved pthreads functions from libpthread to libc and toolbox has started to fail in rawhide builds due to this change.

The root of this problem is that toolbox need to bind mount itself inside the container to initialize it, so we need the same executable file from the host to work on different containers.

We had another similar problem in the past and we fixed it by wrapping the glibc function that started the problem. More information about that in this commit description.

The problem with this new change is that the wrapping of the functions is not working properly in rawhide due to that functions moving from one library to another. Even after sending the patch for this, there is something that needs to be fixed yet because we now get an error of not being able to find the wrapped symbols for pthread_attt_getstacksize @ GLIB_2.2.5, and they should be there.

We are working on this to get a fix as soon as possible.