DevConf 2017

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DevConf 2017

This January I was at DevConf as speaker. The thing is, this was my first "big" talk in english, and also my first DevConf, so I will try to describe the experience I had there and some of the interesting things I've seen there.

DevConf started on Jan 27 at Brno (it was cold as hell that days), and lasted the whole weekend. There was a lot of tracks for the talks and there were more than 200 speakers there.

Lots of the talks were about containers, and container-related stuff. The thing is that almost everything today is going towards the containers model. There were very special mentions to Ansible, OpenShift and OpenStack technologies, but there were some interesting talks like the use of GStreamer for streaming video in SPICE protocol, secure servers without key exchanges, a talk specifying the next plans for Fedora, and where is the effort currently focused on, and lots of interesting things like stands of 3D printing and electronics using MicroPython on ESP8266 chips.

Most of the talks are available on Youtube, so if you want to take a look at them or the Fleet Commander talk, this is the link to the DevConf youtube channel.